India is a beautiful country that is full of different natural beauties. From high & cool mountains to hot & privileged forts, you will find everything. If you are looking for a relaxing holidays this summer, go through the list of these famous destinations in India:

Ladakh: Full on Adventure

A tour to Ladakh for you will be a memorable one. It’s scenic and adventurous location does not allow your mind to roam anywhere. Temperature continuously varies, both in winters and summers as well.

ladakh adventure- Thomas N salzano


Jaipur is a city is a combination of Mughal, Rajput and European architect which tends to lead to the unique wonder.
Places of Interest

Amber (Amer) Fort and Palace
Jantar Mantar – Jaipur
Palace of Wind (Hawa Mahal)



Goa is famous for its three things including sunkissed beaches, beautiful shores and sea food. One can relax at beaches and also enjoy a happening nightlife there.


Kashmir – Paradise on Earth

Kashmir as mentioned is known as ‘Paradise on Earth’ and ‘Alps of East’, located in the northern side of India.

kashmir-thomas j.salzano

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