Home Remedies for Long and Shiny Hairs by Thomas Salzano

It is a dream of every women to have long and shiny hairs. As we know that hairs are made up of protein and if you are keeping its equal ratio in body then definitely your hairs will grow and become shiny.  If you want worthy results, then nothing beats home remedies to keep hairs long and shiny. Here are few home remedies shared by Thomas N Salzano that you can try for your hairs:

Onion Juice
You can do massage your scalp with onion juice which is one of the best way to grow new hairs in natural way. That also helps in keeping hairs strong.

Coconut Oil
It acts as a best natural conditioner for hairs and make hairs long and shiny. It is a good source of protein and potassium that helps in improving hair shine and length. So do not miss hair massage with coconut oil before going to shampoo your hairs.

Coconut Milk
You can also apply coconut milk on your hairs 15 minutes before hair wash for healthy and damage free hairs.

Egg Mask
Applying egg mask on hairs is an old yet best therapy to grow new hairs and adding luster in hairs.

Amla is a very good natural source for improving hair shine. It is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

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